Following in the footsteps of Facebook is testing hiding likes starting this week

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Today I have grown my blogs facebook page followers organically to 2000+ followers by regularly sharing informative content and engaging with my page followers. Hypothetically, as mentioned, you could EXCLUDE your page “fans” (bought likes) in your advertising and only target real people. 🙂 I think we did a pretty good job in showing with real numbers why you should not buy Facebook likes.

In the worst they get a lot of spam comments from the likes he bough promoting stuff in other languages (likely indian). You didn’t even read the content of this post just used a stupid bot to add a comment trying to get a link to your site where you scam users selling them worthless social proof. I don’t agree with your points and I think the numbers are pretty clear.

However, the 20,000 likes no longer have a direct impact on your lead generation, lead conversion, sales, and customer retention. According to a study, only 1% of users who like a business page will actually visit the page. That means that out of the 100 new Likes you just got, only one of them actually visited you.

This settlement was one of the first legal actions in the U.S. against social media fraud. We designed a cute logo, did a photo shoot and created a Facebook page. In this context, the rise of competition and a desperate hunt for social media boost come as no surprise. Sometimes late at night, when I’ve sipped some wine and my dear dog has finally fallen asleep I like to contemplate deep stuff. Look for communities of potential followers to engage with, too.

Invest the time to produce valuable posts, and don’t be a spammy jerk. Facebook specifically highlights authentic posts that inform and entertain as having value recognized by the algorithm.

Remember that Facebook is primarily a social network—so get social and start engaging with other brands that are relevant to your niche but not your direct competitors. A simple Like or comment on another brand’s post can help draw their attention and open up opportunities to work together to cross-promote your businesses so you both gain more Facebook Likes. Tagging other brands may also expose your Page to a new audience (that other brand’s followers)—but only use tags in relevant posts.

When you enter our web page, you will see different options. You can choose between post/photo likes, fan page likes, video views, followers, or 5-star ratings. Post/photo likes are sent to your single post or photo on Facebook. If you want to increase the number of likes of your Fan Page you can choose Fan Page Like. Your videos are reached many people when you choose Video View.

This allows algorithms to suggest and feature you more often. “Does that help people focus more on the quality of the interactions that they’re having on our services rather than getting obsessed by the quantity of the ‘Like’ count? As part of the test, which is aimed at improving how users interact with Facebook and feel using the platform, the number of Likes, reactions and view counts will be unable to be viewed publicly. It’s a big move from the largest social media company in the world which introduced the blue thumbs up symbol to the world. So if you’ve got about 20,000 likes on Facebook, you at least look good when compared to other brands that only have 10,000 or 5,000.

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