Why We Use N95 Masks

Many people want to know the reason we use N95 masks when we spend time outdoors. There are a number of people that are uncomfortable spending time outdoors because of the fact they have an allergy. A lot of allergens such as dust, mold spores can be present in the air, and if they get into your airway they will cause an allergic reaction.

There are two basic ways to test whether or not you are allergic to the air. The first one is through a nasal spray test, which is fairly painless, but it only lasts for fifteen minutes. Another method is to have your blood drawn at your doctor’s office and send it to a lab to be tested. However, when it comes to allergies to the air, these methods may not provide you with enough information to determine if it is really an allergy or not.

If you do decide that it is an allergy, then you need to take some sort of test to test for it. One way to do this is by going to your local drug store and purchasing a kit that includes a test kit, swab from inside your nose and mouth, and test strip. After that, you simply need to put on the swab and the test strip on your skin and then wait for about ten minutes. If you don’t feel better within ten minutes, then you know that you are allergic to the air, even if there are other elements in the air.

Other people have different reasons for why they use the testing kits. Some may want to know the amount of allergy causing particles in the air, while others may need more information on the allergens that they are exposed to.

However, what most people will find out from their test is that there are no allergens present. What is more important than the presence of allergens is the fact that the amount is extremely low. Most people may find out that they have an allergy only after having a reaction in which they feel like they were sick and had symptoms such as a runny nose, hives, itchy eyes, and coughing. Allergies are extremely common in our environment, however the majority of the time they are not dangerous.

Why we use N95 facemask masks is to help protect the skin in order to make it easier for us to breath without causing an allergic reaction. As mentioned above, the testing kits will provide enough information for the user to determine if he or she has an allergy, but if that is not enough, then it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they need to use the product or not.

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